Access To Recovery

Indiana Access To Recovery (ATR) is a federally-funded program aimed at individuals who are seeking help for substance abuse problems. This program is designed to eliminate barriers to treatment and recovery for adults who are facing addiction issues. Clients are encouraged to participate in their own recovery planning under the guidance of trained professionals in the field of substance abuse and recovery. There are numerous local treatment and recovery service agencies in the ATR network so a client is provided with options for treatment and recovery services. While help is available to those with addiction issues of all types, ATR especially seeks to assist those who are returning to the community after incarceration, women who are pregnant or have dependent children, and adults who are now using, or have a history of using, Methaphetamine.

Indiana Access To Recovery provides funding for treatment and recovery services for those who qualify for the program. To qualify, the client must reside in one of seven counties, including Vanderburgh County. Additional conditions include income level and inclusion in one of the three groups above. If your are an adult who is struggling to recover from substance abuse problems, help may be only a phone call away. Take the first step to recovery and schedule your appointment by calling 812.491.2615.

These services are also available through other agencies. To learn more about ATR, you can visit