Community Quotes

“This program continues to provide a very high quality of service …on several levels of programming ranging from young adult specific substance abuse outpatient services, adult MATRIX services, to intensive outpatient services for higher risk chemical offenders.”

Director, Vanderburgh County Drug and Alcohol Deferral Service

Making Treatment Affordable for All

The mission of Counseling For Change includes bringing affordable treatment for the disease of addiction to those in need. To advance that mission, CFC sought out a variety of programs designed to assist in funding treatment. Dependent on the circumstances of each case, CFC assists the client in securing funding to provide addictions treatment.

Counseling For Change routinely utilizes many of the following funding sources to include:
  • Drug Court participants receive funding assistance from a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) grant designated for treatment. Participants in the Adult Probation Services also often qualify for this program.
  • Mothers with children, those whose cases have been adjudicated, and those with Methamphetamine addition may apply for funding assistance through the ATR (Access to Recovery) grant administered by the State of Indiana.
  • Those with commercial health insurance, often purchased or provided through the employer may choose to partially fund treatment through this avenue.
  • Counseling For Change, through a contractual agreement with Amethyst House in Bloomington, Indiana, is able to provide assistance in the form of DSC (DMHA Supported Consumer). This program provides a gambling component that allows those with gambling issues to obtain funding for additional treatment.
  • Counseling For Change maintains a contract with the Indiana Department of Child Services. This contract can be utilized through vouchers provided by the caseworker requesting services.
  • Counseling For Change can also access both Medicaid and Medicare for the treatment of our clients.
Ultimately, it is the client’s responsibility to keep his or her balance paid; however, CFC works with each client to maximize the funding available for treatment.