Who can benefit from this treatment?

The Matrix program is designed for use with adult clients (over age eighteen) who are participating in an outpatient treatment program for diseases of addiction.

Questions about the Matrix program?

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The Matrix Model

Level I Matrix

Level I Matrix requires the client to attend two group treatment sessions per week. Known as primary care, this phase of treatment lasts for eight weeks. These group sessions are designed to teach clients the basic skills needed to achieve initial sobriety. Primary care provides an introduction to basic cognitive behavioral interventions and reinforces the value of twelve step participation. The goals of this phase of treatment are as follows:
  1. To provide a structured environment for new clients to learn about recovery skills and self-help programs.
  2. To introduce clients to the basic tools of recovery and aid them in stopping drug and alcohol use.
  3. To introduce outside involvement and create an expectation of participation as a part of Matrix Model treatment.
  4. Assist clients to adjust to participation in a group setting.
To advance to Aftercare, the client is required to complete the following:
  1. Complete sixteen (16) sessions;
  2. Actively participate in group and complete all written assignments
  3. Attend and document a minimum of two twelve step meetings per week
  4. Test negative on UDS

Level II Matrix (IOP)

Level II Matrix requires the client to attend group therapy three times per week. Primary care, at this level, is an eight week program. This level of Matrix utilizes the same structure and goals as Level I. However, an additional session is required each week. This level is reserved for our clients who need a little extra assistance in attaining and maintaining early sobriety.

To advance to Aftercare at this level, the following goals must be met:
  1. Complete twenty-four (24) sessions;
  2. Participate in group activities and complete all required written assignments;
  3. Attend and document two twelve step meetings per week;
  4. Test negative on UDS