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The staff of Counseling For Change is diverse and most have attained at least a Master’s degree in his chosen field. CFC is also a teaching facility and offers internships to students from the University of Southern Indiana, IVYTech, and others. CFC provides “hands on” learning opportunities to as many as eight interns each semester. CFC believes that ongoing training is an important part of staff development, and all therapists are offered opportunities to attend seminars and workshops to keep up on the latest treatment protocols.
Vicki Hammelman<br />Executive Administrator

Vicki Hammelman
Executive Administrator

Vicki Hammelman joined the staff of Counseling For Change in 2008. She is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Following several years of teaching English to high school students, Ms. Hammelman was seeking a career change. In the beginning, she performed all support staff duties including acting as a liaison between counselors and referral sources. Ms. Hammelman prepared all reports and built a relationship with those in probation services, corrections and children’s services.

Ms. Hammelman oversees the day-to-day work of the support staff that maintains all records, monitors reporting to referral sources, continues to work with referral sources and resolves issues as they arise in the office setting. She works with staff members and clients.

Currently, Ms. Hammelman directs the in-house GED assistance program, testing potential participants and supervising volunteer tutors. This program is important as part of the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care, offering continuing support to clients as they progress toward recovery. She also oversees the Jobs program. This program offers a three part education seminar, assistance in writing a resume, and direction in applying for employment.

Ms. Hammelman also writes grants and coordinates with James Akin in the submission of appropriate grants to assist in improving and expanding CFC programming.

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