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The staff of Counseling For Change is diverse and most have attained at least a Master’s degree in his chosen field. CFC is also a teaching facility and offers internships to students from the University of Southern Indiana, IVYTech, and others. CFC provides “hands on” learning opportunities to as many as eight interns each semester. CFC believes that ongoing training is an important part of staff development, and all therapists are offered opportunities to attend seminars and workshops to keep up on the latest treatment protocols.
David Mayer, LCSW, LCAC, LMFT<br />Therapist

David Mayer, LCSW, LCAC, LMFT

David Mayer is a practicing therapist with over thirty years of experience in the treatment of addiction and mental health. Mr. Mayer completed his studies at the University of Louisville where he earned a Master of Science Social Work. Through the years he has continued to expand his expertise as he added Indiana licenses as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor, and Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor. He is also certified by the Academy of Certified Social Workers.

As a therapist, he has extensive experience in community mental health and family therapy. Mr. Mayer’s primary focus is to help clients develop and implement recovery goals and objectives that will address their substance problems and change their lives for the better.

He leads group therapy sessions and individual therapy using an integrated, client-centered approach. Mr. Mayer utilizes evidence-based practices to assist clients in reaching their recovery goals. He also assists clients in understanding that recovery is an on-going process and a life-journey. He works closely with CFC’s referral sources to ensure compliance and monitor individual progress toward treatment goals.

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